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LAS Undergraduate Programs
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LAS Undergraduate Programs

Additional writing programs centered around the English language, as well as the Honors Program, are housed in the School of Liberal Arts and Sciences and provide students with the skills to inform, argue, and express themselves in written and academic formats. Here are the programs available in the School of LAS:

The Honors Program
School of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Honors courses bring together students who have demonstrated an aptitude for learning at a very high level with instructors who are prepared to guide them through an advanced hands-on, minds-on learning experience. Honors students immerse themselves in course content, while bringing to the classroom the perspectives of their varied majors. These exchanges between and among Columbia’s disciplines make the Honors Program a hub for collaborative opportunities that transcend the classroom. Learn more.

English as a Second Language Program
Department of English

The English as a Second Language (ESL) program offers specialized sections of college-level writing, reading, and public speaking courses to students with home/heritage languages other than English.

First-Year Writing Program
Department of English

As part of the LAS Core, all undergraduate students are required to take English Writing and Rhetoric I and II—courses which help students develop their writing skills in expressive, informative, and argumentative writing. These courses also nurture skills in research, revising, drafting, and editing.