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What is screen culture?

Today we live and work in a world dominated by screens that range from jumbo, high-definition television screens to the tiny hand-held screens on our phones and ipods. We in the television business have the privilege of being the storytellers who fill these screens and we take the responsibility seriously.

What is unique about the TV Department at Columbia College?

Columbia’s Television department is the only stand-alone television department in the country. At other schools, television is often paired with film, radio or theater but here students get the depth and the variety of coursework other institutions can’t offer.  Our graduates are well known in the industry because they emerge from our program with real world experience ready to work as entry-level professionals.

What kind of professional work experience can I gain while studying?

There are three ways to get professional experience for your resume.
  • Internships.  Because we are located in Chicago, the third largest market in the country, we can offer literally hundreds of internship possibilities in town. Internships in dramatic and sitcom production are also available through our Semester in LA program. See our Internship page and Semester in LA pages for further information.
  • Frequency TV. This television station is programmed and operated by Columbia College television students. It serves the campus community through monitors in the lobbies and common areas and is cablecast on Channel 32 in the University Center Dorm.  Programming is also available worldwide on the Frequency website.
  • Department Shows. Each year we produce a live show at the Media Production Center in front of a studio audience. Created by Frequency, the show is also a collaboration with department classes and relies on the help of many student volunteers. In 2010, five TV department productions were nominated for Student Production Awards from the Chicago Television Academy, and two of those won!

What is the Semester in LA program?

If your dream is to work on a drama or comedy series, you have to go to Hollywood.  We offer an intense five-week residency program where you take classes at Raleigh Studios and live in the valley. See the Semester in LA page for details.

Who teaches in the Television Department?

We have 12 full time and 70 part-time faculty members who are working professionals and bring the latest technology and creative ideas into the classroom. See the faculty page for details.

How big is the Television Department?

The Television Department has around 300 majors.  Given our number of faculty, we can say that we have the best faculty-student ratio in the college.  This means we are able to get to know you and your work very well, and you will have personal attention and guidance while planning your course of study and your future.

What kind of facilities does the Television Department have?

Our three studios, editing facilities, graphics stations, and camera packages are state of the art. See the tour page for details.