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Columbia College Chicago
Advising at Columbia
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Advising at Columbia



At Columbia College Chicago students benefit from the combined resources of the College Advisors in the College Advising Center and Faculty Advisors in their major departments. 

Advising is an important component of the student’s educational experience at Columbia.  The advising process starts with a student’s acceptance into the College and continues all the way until his or her graduation from Columbia.  The advising process includes a student’s successful transition into the Columbia community, an understanding of the degree requirements, a familiarity with campus resources, and guidance into their chosen field or craft. 

Advising at Columbia College Chicago is considered to be a “shared responsibility” across the campus.  Advising at Columbia is best when all members of the community are invested in the success of advising, and more importantly, the success of our students.


The Columbia Student - The Columbia student has a responsibility for his or her own education, and for utilizing the various advising resources on campus.  There are many resources on campus, but the engaged student will actively seek out these resources and utilize them towards graduation.  This responsibility includes an understanding of the degree requirements and the different advising resources on campus. 

The College Advisor The assigned College Advisor has a responsibility to assist students with their transition into the College community, to educate students regarding their overall degree requirements, and to inform students of the advising process at Columbia.  College Advisors are assigned to students prior to orientation, and they will primarily work with students during their first year at Columbia.

The Faculty Advisor – By the time a student at Columbia earns 30 credits towards the completion of a degree, the student will work with a Faculty Advisor in his or her declared major department.  The Faculty Advisor is an expert in the field and is responsible for assisting students with their transition into the major and concentration requirements.  The Faculty Advisor will assist students with the major requirements as well as industry and professional expectations beyond graduation.


  • Understand your degree requirements for graduation.
  • Plan and register for your first semester.
  • Become familiar with Columbia advising resources.
  • Learn the body of work concept.

(0-29 credits)

  • Meet with your College Advisor.
  • Become an active member of the Columbia community.
  • Begin building your body of work.
  • Confirm and declare your official major.
First Semester as a
Transfer Student
(variable credits)
  • Meet with both your College Advisor and Faculty Advisor.
  • Discuss transfer equivalencies towards the major.
  • Complete First-Year and Sophomore advising goals.
Sophomore year
(30-59 credits)
  • Meet with your Faculty Advisor.
  • Become involved in your major department community.
  • Research your career opportunities.
Junior year
(60-89 credits)
  • Apply for graduation on Oasis.
  • Receive and review your graduation audit.
  • Utilize the Portfolio Center.
Senior year
(90+ credits)
  • Focus on the major capstone experience.
  • Finalize your portfolio and make post-graduation plans.
  • Participate in Industry Night, Manifest and Commencement.