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Columbia College Chicago
Chamille Weddington

Chamille Weddington

Chamille Weddington - AEMM Adjunct Faculty

Chamille Weddington – Business & Entrepreneurship - Adjunct Instructor

Chamille Weddington, an adjunct instructor at Columbia College Chicago and founder of Out the Box Promotions, specializes in promotion, conceptualization, event management, and execution.  Chamille is a seasoned marketing guru and was previously an account manager for local and worldwide advertising agencies where she managed corporate accounts ranging from State Farm Insurance to McDonald’s. At Columbia, she brings her comprehensive skillset to the classroom as she teaches Entertainment Marketing, Special Event Management and Writing for Managers. The Business & Entrepreneurship department was pleased to hear about Chamille’s notable professional and educational experiences.

What led you to teaching at Columbia?

Columbia College is my alma mater.  I received my bachelor and master degrees from the institution.  After spending some professional time in the corporate advertising sector and teaching as a substitute instructor for the Chicago Public Schools, I was asked by my former Columbia College faculty advisor if I was interested in teaching a course at Columbia.  I accepted the opportunity and I have been with Columbia for 10 years as an adjunct.  I thoroughly enjoy Columbia College for its creativity, tenacity, and innovation.  I've watched the university evolve for over 20 years and I am amazed at its rapid progress in terms of curriculum, content, and technology usage.

How does your time in the classroom influence the work you do outside of the classroom?

In my weekly interaction with my students, we have opportunities to explore entertainment products (people, entities, etc.) via documentaries, case-studies, and videos.  Our group dialogue is stimulating and helps me push my curriculum content to new and innovative heights. In short, many exciting ideas and teaching techniques emerge to encourage fresh student learning opportunities, whether it's by way of a field trip, guest speaker, or an intriguing worksheet.  I use student interests and needs as the basis for my content.

What should we be on the lookout for from you in the future?

I am busy learning Italian.  I intend to apply for a Fulbright Scholarship so that I can begin studying how young people in various countries (beginning with Italy) are creating new forms of artistic expression.
I am busy growing my non-profit organization called LifeVine Works - Youth Education via the Arts & Sciences.  We contract instructors to provide a number of innovative programs for youth on Chicago's Westside.  We hope to receive notice of a 3rd contract with the City of Chicago's After School Matters Department to launch our summer job program called "Camp Dee Jay".  You can learn more about us at www.lifevineworks.org, as well as information about our first faith-based event on April 28th:  http://www.lifevineworks.org/events-tickets--merchandise.html.

I also consult in the area of promotion marketing:  www.outtheboxpromotions.com.