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Evan Price

Evan Price

Adam Rezko

Evan Price - Business & Entrepreneurship Student - Music Business

Evan has been in love with music since he was young. During high school, he started a booking and promotions agency to help his hometown of Springfield, IL get more national shows. After coming to Columbia, Evan took his newfound knowledge and put it into practice by starting an artist management agency. Evan is currently a senior majoring in Business & Entrepreneurship, with a focus in Music Business.

Tell us about your company. How did it come to fruition?

Artist Collective is a company I started with my friend, Steve. We played in a band together back home, Jason Todd. We wanted to start something to help independent musicians get their careers moving. When I came to Columbia and began learning about all of the different portals that help artists make money and expand their fan reach, I was blown away by the numerous things I did not know about. Being a musician myself, I felt this was upsetting. So Steve and I teamed up and started Artist Collective, which is a full artist development company. We can set artists up with PRO's, Soundexchange, manage their social media correctly, design and launch their official websites, and more. We also have the capability to fund their projects, whether it be merchandise, tour support, or even paying for recordings. Right now, we are working with a heavy groove band from St. Louis, MO, called Battalion. The next step for the company is to find new talent that is doing great things, and help them use all the right portals in order to maximize their careers.

How has your time at Columbia helped prepare you to run your own company?

Columbia has given me all of the knowledge I need, and use, within the entire company. I learned about performance rights organizations, search engine optimization, and how to market music properly. And thanks to my roommate, David Addison, I have learned a little more about website design, video editing, and how to create appealing promotional items in Photoshop.

How has the Business & Entrepreneurship department specifically helped you in the advancement of your career?

The department has been great. I especially loved the Music Publishing classes. I really engulfed myself in the topic by getting books outside of class, reading articles, and doing my own projects on the side to get myself used to the terminology. I will be able to use my knowledge of music publishing in Artist Collective, such as how to get my artist’s more income and introduce their music to the music publishing world.

Any advice for new students?

My advice would be to step outside of your comfort zone. When I came here I was like any other new college student - shy, stand-offish, and just wanted to stay in my room and watch Netflix. Go network with other students, professors, and other professionals at Columbia events. Show everyone your passion and you will find people who respect it, and will have a way to help you along the way.