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Jacky Schiestel

Jacky Schiestel

Jacky Schiestel

Jacky Schiestel – Business & Entrepreneurship Alumna

Jacky Schiestel graduated from the program in 2004 with a Master of Arts Management degree and is currently a Senior Account Manager at Google, working with advertisers in travel. Within this role she is responsible for working with many Google products including Google Search, YouTube, Google Display Network, and Google+. Previous to working at Google, she spent three years working at the Chicago Tribune in the marketing department, primarily focused on the retention of their print subscribers.   

How have you been involved with the arts, entertainment or media since graduating?

Media is the focus of my daily job responsibilities. At Google, we are at the center of the changing digital landscape and our focus is around media whether it be online, mobile or social. It is my job to work with advertisers to help them implement their media strategy across all platforms. 

How has Columbia and Business & Entrepreneurship prepared you for your career path?

The program has an exceptional faculty that directly prepared me for a career in media advertising. Teachers like Mary Filice and Angelo Luciano not only taught great classes, but also acted as mentors to me during my time at Columbia and when I started to look for a job. The faculty and staff are among the highlights of my experience at Columbia. 

Have you crossed paths with any other Columbia alumni?

All of my peers from Columbia have taken different paths in the arts or media and we have all benefited from staying connected. While at Columbia, my classmates and I founded a non-profit film group, Split Pillow. I also served on the Board of Directors for this group. While looking for a job, my position with Split Pillow helped set me apart from other candidates. 

What’s your favorite Columbia memory?

My favorite memory from my time at Columbia is the people I met. I learned a lot from my peers and created a very well-rounded experience. Understanding marketing and finance from multiple points of view from people with different concentrations kept the program new and interesting throughout my time there. Columbia was a great experience for me and helped build the path for where I am today. 

It sounds like you had some wonderful experiences at Columbia. Do you have any advice for current students?
Current students need to network with their peers and teachers. These will be the people that help get you a job when you gradate and also as you progress in your career. Take time in all of your classes and really think how you can apply what you are learning to your future endeavors. And most of all – enjoy your time at Columbia!