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Micahel Kalopedis

Micahel Kalopedis

Micahel Kalopedis
Micahel Kalopedis - Business & Entrepreneurship Alumnus - TED Ed
Ze'deM Media

There are certain people in the world who you can just tell are absorbing every person, experience, surrounding, and wisdom that they encounter to the absolute fullest.  Michael Kalopedis is clearly one of those people.  Filled with excitement, creativity, and a desire to create change for the world around him, he has been living and working in Cyprus, an island in the Mediterranean with a geographic size comparable to New Jersey.  Though the island may be small in size, the reach Michael’s company, Ze'deM Media, has been vast, spanning continents. 

While Cyprus has been struggling with a severe economic crisis, Ze'deM Media has stepped in to help by “offering knowledge and expertise to people who are trying to start their own company and help them to market themselves in the best possible way.”  In the spirit of change, Michael has begun an initiative to collaborate with local business consultants and entrepreneurs who share knowledge and ideas on how to “overcome the economic crisis by creating better and more competitive products and services” and in turn, Ze'deM Media turns those conversations into short animations which are freely accessible on their website. 

Along the lines of education, this incredible team has been invited to create a series of short animations for the acclaimed TED Education.  They are now on their fourth video.  “TED-Ed's videos aim to capture and amplify the voices of the world's greatest educators. This video by Ze'deM Media was the first video to be produced for TED-ed by a Cyprus based creative studio.”

'Penguins: Popularity, peril and poop’

As if this isn’t impressive enough, Michael is now the President of the local Cinema Society, where they work to attract people to the art of indie films and documentaries by hosting screenings in parking lots, museums, and in the garden of their local medieval castle.  It is evident that sharing not only the love of film, but also the power behind it is a strong and sincere passion for Michael and his team at Ze'deM Media. 

His time at Columbia College, back in the early 2000’s, was spent working tirelessly to become the very best he could be.  Strongly influenced by the incredible Associate Professor Mary Filice, he learned about the value of wisdom, the power of enthusiasm, and the importance of building respect.

 “I can honestly say that Columbia has changed me as a person and has made me who I am today. When I was 'shopping' around for Universities Columbia was the only place where I felt that it had the right mentality which was 'tell us what you want to become, and we will help you to get there'. By being together with professors who were so positive in their thinking and sharing with us not only academic knowledge but also work-life experiences, it has really shaped my mentality as well.”

As for advice for those budding artists striving to make it in a tough industry, he says:
“If you want to make it in the creative industry you need to work hard and experiment. Columbia is one of the best places in the world to do this. But they should have a natural thirst for knowledge and try to always become better at what they do. Also they should take advantage of entire Chicago experience because college is not only about going to class.  Also it’s very important to not let go. When I finished college I had a really hard time getting a job and it can be really hard when people say no to you, but you should keep going and even though you might not work somewhere continue to do what you love…If you love what you do then you have to fight for it day in and day out.”