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Undergraduate Program

Undergraduate Program

The mission of the Business & Entrepreneurship undergraduate program is to:

  • Offer a comprehensive education for future managers and entrepreneurs in the creative fields
  • Equip artists with the skills and knowledge needed to build independent and sustainable careers in their field of choice
  • Prepare students who want to continue their studies in graduate school
The program offers comprehensive preparation for managerial and entrepreneurial careers in music promotion and distribution, international arts management, live entertainment and the performing arts, museums and galleries, traditional and new media, marketing, professional and collegiate sports. It offers a solid core of business classes (such as entertainment marketing, information management, managerial economics, accounting, finance and organizational behavior), and a vast array of field-specific courses (such as music publishing and licensing, talent management, box office management, exhibition management, new media strategies, presenting and producing live performances). In addition, the department offers courses designed to help individual artists build independent and sustainable careers in their field of choice.

For Business & Entrepreneurship undergraduate program questions use this online form or call 312-369-7652.

College Wide Electives for Business students