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Payment FAQ

Payment FAQ


How do I access my pay information since the payroll office no longer issues paper pay stubs?

You can access your pay information by using Epay/Eprofile on IRIS.  If you have problems with IRIS access, please contact Client Services at (312) 369-7001 or clientservices@colum.edu.  Once you are on the Epay site you can print a copy of your pay stub.

My pay amounts does not appear to be correct, who should I contact?

Pay for fall and spring semesters is divided over 7 pay periods. If you have questions about your pay rate, start by contacting your department's administrative assistant.  The department  assistant will direct you to the appropriate individual for the next step.

When can I expect to get a raise?

The contract provides for two types of raises. The first is the contract year raise, which takes place each fall term (beginning in fall 2006). The second type is the pay step raise. In this type, there are raises that take place upon the completion of designated hours of service. Refer to Article XI of the contract for the pay steps and contract year amounts.

How is my pay calculated?

Payment for adjunct teaching is based on the contract year rate amount. Your rate is determined by the number of hours of service you have completed. Credit hours from independent projects or directed studies that you have taught are not included in your hours of service. Note that hours of teaching in progress are not included in your pay step rate. Your rate is multiplied by the number of credit hours you are teaching, and that figure is multiplied by 15 (the number of weeks in the semester). Thus the formula is R x CH x 15 = compensation. Please note that  summer, J-session, and HSSI are considered 15 week terms.

How can I find out how many hours of service I have completed?

Your department's administrative assistant has access to this information. If, for any reason, you are unable to get the information at that source, you can also contact Adjunct Faculty Coordinator Laurie Ann Bender in Academic Affairs at (312) 369-7207 or lbender@colum.edu for the number of completed hours of service.

How often do I get paid?

When your pay is calculated, the total payment amount for the semester is sent to payroll.  The total amount is divided into equal installments paid on the 1st and the 15th of the month.  Currently adjuncts are paid in 7 equal installments in fall and spring semesters, 2 equal payments for J-session, 5 equal payments for summer semester, and 2 equal payments for HSSI.  Your department can tell you the pay dates for the semester.