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Frequently Asked Questions
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is evaluated in part-time teaching?       

Part-time faculty teaching is evaluated on: 1) compliance with the workload requirements of Article VIII, Section 1 of the 2013-2017 PFAC contract; and 2) performance against college-wide criteria and discipline specific standards for good teaching. Chairpersons may add department specific criteria. College and department criteria focus on best teaching practices and student learning outcomes.

I am a chair, how do I find the list of adjuncts for evaluation?         

The list of adjuncts to be evaluated for the current term will be available for assignment during the first week of the term. Log onto OASIS and click on the faculty tab. Once the tab opens you will see the links to the Chair Part-time Evaluation Portal. Click on this link to review your department’s list, to track the progress of the evaluation process, or to review evaluations submitted by your full-time faculty.

Okay, I have looked at the list, how do I assign a faculty evaluator to an adjunct on the evaluation list?

Click on the drop down next to each adjunct’s name, and click on the name of the faculty member who will be responsible for the adjunct’s evaluation, and click to make the assignment. An email will be sent to the evaluator notifying them on his/her assignment(s).

How can I remove evaluation assignments?

To delete out of date, incorrect, or duplicate assignments, scroll down to the “Outstanding Part-Time Faculty Evaluations” section, check the “Delete Assignment” box for each assignment you’d like to have deleted, then click “Submit”. Any part-time faculty who still need to be evaluated will return to the appropriate assignment list (i.e. NEW, 36-42, or 51+) where they can be reassigned as necessary.

The department has determined that an adjunct needs to be reviewed, but this person does not appear on the list.  How can I add this person to the list?

Find the Additional Part-time Faculty Review section in the Chair Portal.  Enter the OASIS ID of the person. Press the Tab key to get the drop-down list of your available faculty evaluators.  Choose the evaluation type and click submit.

I am a faculty evaluator, and I have completed my evaluations, how do I enter the information into the online part time evaluation form and send it to my Chair?

Once you have completed the adjunct’s evaluation, go to your OASIS faculty tab, and click on the link for the Part Time Faculty Evaluator Portal. Click on the Complete the Evaluation link for the adjunct faculty you want to submit. The evaluation form will open. You will need to type the evaluation information into the form and click Submit. Please note that once you open the form, you will have 3 hours to complete the evaluation entry. If your session times out before you have completed your data entry, the information will NOT be saved. You will need to open a new form and re-enter the lost information.

Once you have completed the form and hit submit, the adjunct will receive an email that the evaluation has been recorded and s/he will be told where to look for the evaluation. Close the browser window to return to the Portal to evaluate another adjunct.

After the evaluation is submitted, what happens?

After the faculty evaluator submits the evaluation, the adjunct faculty member will have three weeks in which to respond to the Chairperson. When the Chair’s review is complete, the evaluation form will be forwarded to the Dean’s office.

I am an adjunct and I would like to read my evaluation, how do I do this?

You will receive an email in your Columbia email box with instructions on where to find your evaluation. You will have a three-week (21 day) window in which to review your evaluation and make comments on it.  During this time, there is a textbox at the bottom of the form where you may type your comments. After you have submitted your comments or at the end of the three-week period, your evaluation will be sent to your department Chair. While you will be able to review your evaluation after this three-week time period, you will be unable to comment on the evaluation form once it is sent to your Chair. You may view previous evaluations that have been entered online at any time while in the Part-time Faculty Portal. However, you can only comment on your current evaluation during the three-week period after the evaluation is submitted by your faculty evaluator. You can access this information from the Part time Faculty Portal located on the Faculty tab in the OASIS portal.

I am in a department that has Graduate Student Instructors (GSIs) who teach classes, and they are on my list of adjuncts to evaluate. Should I assign them for evaluation?

Chances are you will be evaluating their teaching, but it is your choice whether or not you use the online evaluation process. If you do not assign GSIs to a faculty evaluator in the online system, the GSIs’ names will remain on the list every semester a course is assigned to them.