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All ads have certain guidelines to follow in order to maintain Columbia College's brand identity.

Overall, ads should be image- and headline-driven: substantial portions of the ad are devoted to an image, with the bottom white area reserved for text and the Columbia College wordmark with tagline. Tagline use is necessary in college-wide ads, as it reinforces the college philosophy.

The text in the bottom of the ad is divided in an approximately 75-25% ratio in these ads, the left 75% contains running text and the right 25% contains contact information. The wordmark and tagline are aligned left with the type at the bottom of the ad.

Above is an example of an ad with one large image, and the headline is in handwriting on the image. The image and headline are very prominent.

The disc sits on the left side of the ad, centered vertically within the image area and it is approximately 3/4" high if there is adequate space.