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Columbia College Chicago
Color Palette
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Color Palette

Color helps maintain the college's identity. Below are swatches of all colors that can be used when creating signs, newsletters, posters, ads, etc. please rely on these swatches to carry the desired identity of the college.

PMS 583
CMYK 37,12,100,0 

PMS 7472
CMYK 52,0,24,0 

PMS 166
CMYK 1,64,100,0 

PMS 485
 CMYK 0,95,98,0 


PMS Process Magenta
CMYK 0,100,0,0 

PMS 520
CMYK 63,99,12,2 

PMS 2995
CMYK 73,20,0,0 

PMS 7406
CMYK 1,17,99,0