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Media Relations Services
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Media Relations Services

Media Relations Services

The following is a condensed version of the services media relations provides to the college community:

• Responds to news media requests for information about Columbia, its students, academic programs or for interviews with faculty or administrators

• Generates positive publicity to local, regional, and national media through the use of news releases, pitches and personal cultivation of news media personnel

• Prepares and distribute listings for public events held on campus such as exhibitions and student and/or faculty film screenings, readings, lectures and musical performances

• Manages faculty experts guide

• Manages news media communications in campus emergencies

• Manages negative news coverage that could be harmful to the college’s image or reputation

• Consult with departments to determine the newsworthiness of a story or initiative

Determining what is or isn’t newsworthy
News is subjective.  What is important or of interest to one person or department may not seem significant to news reporters. In the end, what is newsworthy is whatever interests news editors.
Topics that are likely to interest the media include major grants and gifts, faculty expertise relevant to current events or national trends, major developments or changes, human interest stories.

For the most part, in order for something to be news, it has to be current and/or new. 

Our success in serving the college and the public is based on our relationships with the media. Despite the unique and interesting things going at Columbia, not everything will be of interest to reporters. One of our responsibilities as media relations practitioners is to filter. If we elect not to prepare a news release about your news, we may be able to help communicate your message in other ways by contacting reporters directly or using your information in another format.

If the decision is made by the Direct of Media Relations that a particular item is not newsworthy, we will offer other suggestions as to how you can get your story publiziced through one of our internal communications.

Getting the word out about Columbia College
Story Ideas:  We are looking for compelling human interest stories, interesting events, faculty accomplishments, unique classes and simply good stories. Our staff can assist you with turning your ideas into news pitches for external media or into features for our internal communications, including our student media outlets.

Expertise:  Media relations monitors breaking news and current trends and offers up news experts and story pitches to media as an alternate option to position our faculty and staff in the media.

Opinion Pieces:  College administrators and faculty make excellent commentators on current issues for editorial, op-ed opinion articles and letters to the editor on newsworthy topics.  This provides for a great opportunity to raise the visibility of the college and their department.

For further information on media relations services contact Steve Kauffman at 312.369.7383 or Diane Doyne at 312.369.7524.