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Columbia College Chicago
Electronic W-2
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Columbia College Chicago

Electronic W-2

Columbia College Chicago

Employee Electronic Tax Statements

Why register?

* Receive your Tax form sooner
* Download to your personal computer
* Your W-2 tax forms available to you online, 24/7 until October 15.

First time online users only need to register before January
If you have already registered and downloaded your W-2 in the past, you need not register again.

* Go to https://www.paperlessemployee.com/columbiachicago
* Follow the helpful prompts to set up your own unique user ID and password.
* Or? log in using your user ID and password you have done so
* Follow the steps on the screen to register for electronic delivery.
* By January 31st, you will receive an email directing you back to the website to obtain a copy of your annual tax statement
* Emails will come from PAPERLESSEMPLOYEE

Please note: If you unsubscribe from the emailing notifications, this will prevent you from receiving notice when your W-2 is ready and email for user ID and password reset. When you register for an electronic form, a paper one will not be mailed. If chose to receive your W-2 in the mail, it is your responsibility to update your address with the payroll department. Reissued W-2s are $10.

Questions may be directed to PayrollClerk@colum.edu