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My Time

New time reporting system goes live January 6: Your Action Required

Dear Colleague,

Columbia will unveil a new time reporting system on January 6, 2014.  Although training has been ongoing since November, we recognize that our communications could have been more coordinated and clear, and that not everyone is aware of the new system and how to use it.  We apologize for the confusion and are taking this opportunity to reintroduce the new time reporting system, MyTime (formerly called the PeopleSoft Time & Labor System), and to let you know how to schedule training the week of December 16, in preparation for the launch January 6, immediately following our holiday break. 

Here is an overview of the new time reporting system, now called MyTime:

  • What is it?  MyTime is a new, automated web-based time recording system for online electronic time reporting and approval that is easy, quick and efficient. It eliminates the current timesheet system. It allows employees to have multiple jobs without requiring payment through “additional pay”, has reporting capabilities and allows us to properly track hours worked.
  • Who must participate? 
    • Full-time and part-time staff (including employees who work out-of-state)
    • Student workers      
    • Full-time and part-time faculty who supervise staff and/or student workers
    • Full-time and part-time faculty who perform duties, in addition to faculty positions, that are classified as staff and currently paid through “additional pay.” 

Note: Faculty are not required to report or approve hours worked in roles as faculty.

  • Why do we need it?  Feedback from the college community indicated that the current paper-based time recording system is inefficient and time-consuming, lacks the ability to pay employees working multiple jobs, and provides inaccurate reporting. Additionally, because many employees have multiple jobs, we need the ability to properly track hours in compliance with Affordable Care Act.
  • How does it work?  All employees listed above will report their hours worked, sick time and vacation time. Hourly employees will report their time daily, full-time staff will confirm time worked and enter time off every pay period.  Approvers will review and approve information every pay period.
  • What do I have to do?  Attend a training session and start reporting and/or approving time beginning January 6, 2014. There are multiple training sessions to fit your schedule at: MyTime Training     
  • Where do I go to enter or approve time?  The ePay/eProfile link on IRIS has been replaced with a new self-service link: Self Servicehttps://hcm.colum.edu/ .  You can view your paychecks, personal  information, and use MyTime to report or approve time by clicking on the new link.  Click on Self Service, Time Reporting, Report Time. Specific steps on how to enter and approve time are available on the MyTime website. 


The current CCC Time Entry system and process will be retired on Monday, December 30, 2013.  Paper timesheets, vacation request forms, and additional pay will no longer be accepted after this date.  Beginning January 6, 2014, all employees listed above will be required to enter and approve time using MyTime.

Thank you to the 500+ of you who have already attended training sessions. Your feedback will continue to help members of the Controller’s Office, Payroll, Information Technology and Human Resources improve the system.

Attached is a detailed MyTime Overview.  For additional information, please visit the MyTime website at:  Self Servicehttps://hcm.colum.edu. For additional information, please contact George Choi at X7892 or Emilia Hernandez at X7264. We appreciate your attention to this important new process.



Patricia Rios

Assistant Vice President, Human Resources