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Registration - Spring 2014

Registration - Spring 2014

Information for Continuing and Re-admitted Degree-Seeking Undergraduate Students

Graduate students - refer to the Graduate Registration Information page

Registration begins on November 4 for the Spring 2014 semester. Information regarding registration will be sent through your student e-mail account. Registration time slots are also viewable on the OASIS site under Register for Classes. Time slots are assigned based on the number of cumulative credit hours, including earned and in progress (IP) credit hours for the Fall semester. Registration time slots will remain open until midnight (CST) Saturday, February 1. Select the Undergraduate links for registration on the menu bar at the right or the links below for additional information and semester dates.

January Session (J-Session)

J-Session is a three week session, which is part of the Spring semester. It takes place from January 6 to January 25. This session is open to continuing students only. J-Session is designed to offer concentrated learning experiences not usually available in the regular semester. J-Session classes are identified as such in the Spring Class Schedule. It is not required that you register for or attend J-Session.

All students should check their registration e-mail or the OASIS registration screen to determine if they require faculty advising prior to registration. All outstanding tuition balances, and immunization or transcript restrictions must be cleared before you can register. This registration period is offered to continuing degree-seeking students and re-admitted degree-seeking students only. Degree-seeking students who did not attend the 2012-2013 academic year are required to fill out a Re-enrollment Form. This form is  available on-line at Re-enrollment. Additional information is available on the OASIS website or on our Spring 2014 Registration Information pages. The Spring Class Schedule (when available) can be viewed by selecting the appropriate link below.

Undergraduate Registration Information
Graduate Registration Information
Undergraduate Course Descriptions and Class Schedules
Graduate Course Descriptions and Class Schedules

New Freshman and New Transfer Students

If you are a new student, registration takes place during the weeks preceding each semester. New and transfer students beginning in Spring will register as part of the orientation process in January. See the new student page for more information.

Student-at-large Registration

Students-at-large register during Open Registration on January 17, 2014. Questions concerning registration should be directed to the Records Office at (312) 369 -7224.