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Columbia College Chicago
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The Office of the General Counsel (OGC) is the principal representative for legal matters involving Columbia College Chicago. Major areas include the following. Please note that the OGC does not provide personal legal services for faculty, staff or students.

College Policies and Procedures

The OGC reviews proposed changes to College policies such as faculty, staff and student handbooks. The Office also reviews various federal, state and local laws applicable to College operations.

Contracts and Leases

The OGC reviews and prepares a wide variety of contracts and leases including contracts for services, artist agreements, facilities usage and real estate leases.

Also, see Contract Review Information.

Employment Issues

The OGC provides counsel in various aspects of the employment process including hiring, discipline and termination of employees, as well as representing the Colege in employment claims before state and federal regulatory agencies.

Intellectual Property

The OGC provides counsel on copyright and trademark matters affecting the College.


Any subpoena or requests for information from law enforcement or government agencies that are received by faulty or staff in conncection with their responsbilities at the College should be forwarded to the OGC within a timely manner.