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Columbia College Chicago
Overview: Campus Safety & Security

Overview: Campus Safety & Security

Columbia College Chicago is committed to providing a comprehensive safety program for our students, faculty, and staff, and we want to inform you about the security measures that we and our partners have in place.

Recent Enhancements:
We have been implementing a number of enhancements to our campus security systems for the continued safety and protection of those in our College community.  The most notable is our 24-hour Security Command Center. The Command Center includes dispatching capabilities and a sophisticated campus video surveillance network staffed around the clock. We are continuously reviewing the latest technology to ensure we are providing optimal security services to the community.

Established Programs:
All of our technical systems are designed to work in concert with each other to provide seamless protection. These include computerized alarm system monitoring and emergency telephones in multiple locations across campus, as well as proactive security communication technologies; AlertWave public address system and SendWordNow, which communicate news in real time with all faculty, staff and students via cell phone, landline telephone and/or e-mail.

To complement our campus security vehicle patrol (in service at all times), Segway and Bicycle are used as a means of transportation for patrol officers to provide a faster response to campus service calls and emergencies.

Relationship with Other Authorities:
Additionally, our close relationship with the City of Chicago 1st District Police Department is a critical component of the overall Columbia College Chicago protection plan.  We additionally foster close relationships with local safety authorities, including the City of Chicago Office of Emergency Management and Communications and the Illinois Department of Human Services.

Residence Hall Programs:
Safety and security efforts at campus residential facilities are closely coordinated between residence life staff, security personnel at each residence hall and the Office of Campus Safety and Security. The residence halls also incorporate a range of safety measures including on-site security staffing at all times, regular building evacuation drills, 24-hour on-call administrators, and restricted key card access entry for residents. Residence hall staff also meet regularly with students to review safety procedures and protocols and, in cooperation with the Office of Campus Safety and Security, issue security alerts to residents when they become aware of a potentially dangerous situation or incident.

Ongoing Education:
Columbia College continues to educate students about personal safety and security, both on campus and off, and inform new students of safety policies and procedures during student orientation sessions.  We also regularly publish campus safety alerts online and augment our education efforts with online guidance for emergency response procedures.

Additional Information:
For additional information, Columbia College compiles annual reports of campus safety that include data for the past three years. There, you’ll also find a regularly updated listing of reported incidents that have occurred on and adjacent to our College facilities.  

We encourage current and prospective students and parents to address any safety issues or concerns through the Office of Campus Safety and Security, or the Dean of Students.