Graduate Admissions

Arts, Entertainment, and Media Management MAM

Accounting Prerequisite

In order to be better equipped to start the Master of Arts Management curriculum, incoming students are required to have successfully completed (with a B or better) a 3-credit hour fundamentals or principles of accounting course. This course is not required to apply to the program, but it is required before enrolling in any of the graduate courses. If you are applying without this accounting prerequisite, you will receive a Conditional Acceptance into the AEMM program.  You should state how you intend to satisfactorily complete this prerequisite in your self-assessment essay.

You have three options to fulfill the prerequisite. In each case, you must earn a "B" or better to satisfy the requirement.

1. Take a 3-credit undergraduate accounting course that covers the following topics:

  • Completing the accounting cycle for a service and merchandising organization
  • Preparing worksheet, adjusting entries, income statement, statement of equity,  balance sheet, closing entries, and a post-closing trial balance
  • Defining assets, liability, equity, revenue, cost of goods sold, and expenses
  • Journalizing transaction sinvolving: deferral and accruals, payables, receivables, merchandise inventory, plant assets, intangible assets, stock issuance, bond issuance, and interest calculations
  • Maintaining control over cash andother controlling accounts
  • How accounting can be use as a decision-making tool

- Courses that cover these topics are typically titled Fundamentals of Accounting, Principles of Accounting, Financial Accounting or Introduction to Accounting.
- You are not required to have the course pre-approved beforesubmitting your transcript.

2. Register as a non-degree seeking undergraduate Student At Large at Columbia College Chicago during the summer 2011 semester.  The Arts, Entertainment & Media Management Department offers "Accounting I" (course # 28-2110) online or in the classroom. This undergraduate course covers the topics listed above.
- Details on how to register for this class will be made available to those students admitted conditionally for Fall 2011.

3. You may also opt to test out of this prerequisite by taking a written examination offered each spring by Columbia College Chicago.  This closed book/closed note exam will cover the above topics. Registering for this examination requires a fee of $50 to confirm your place.
- Details on how to register for this exam will be made available to those students admitted conditionally for Fall 2011.

You can download our AEMM Accounting Prerquisite Fact Sheet here.