Graduate Admissions

Master of Arts Management MAM

Media Management

Master of Arts Management students interested in Media Management can take electives that explore the transformations of media - both subtle and radical - in the digital age and how managers can develop innovative approaches to stay in step with shifting trends. Courses examine a variety of topics, as such effective digital rights management and innovative decision-making strategies

Students pursuing a Master of Arts Management degree have interned with or been hired by International Creative Management, MTV networks, Warner Brothers Publishing Los Angeles, and Polygram Distribution Group.

Possible electives include:

Media Management

This inquiry-driven course requires the application of critical thinking skills to investigate and analyze how changes in technology, economics, business models, consumer behavior, government regulation, and aesthetics are transforming the media landscape in the digital age. Students investigate current media issues and strategies to uncover the management practices and trends shaping the business of media, an enterprise in flux.

Decision Makers in Media

Students will study the strategic decision-making process as applied to the media industry and specific media entities. Creative and management situations that require immediate and long-term decisions will be deconstructed as to how and why such decisions are made in a field characterized by unprecedented change. Meetings with industry professionals will complement in-class discussions.