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Columbia College Chicago
Those Who Do Teach
Those Who Do Teach

“If they can do it, so can we. They’re teaching us what we need to know to get out there and do it.”

— Kyle Wolff

John H. White has taught photography at Columbia for 30 years. All that time, he has also been a working photojournalist. He’s a staff photographer for the Chicago Sun-Times and a Pulitzer Prize winner. Through his eyes we’ve witnessed the fall of apartheid and the election of a black president. We’ve met heroes, villains, and victims. “Photojournalism is a front-row ticket to history,” he tells his students. And they’re out there proving him right, as photographers for the AP, the New York Times, the Chicago Tribune, and other news outlets across the country. Like John H. White, most of Columbia’s faculty members are working professionals in their fields. “They’re who you look up to,” says Kyle Wolff, one of White’s students. “They’re who you learn life lessons from and aspire to be like. It’s important that they’re out there, doing it. It gives us hope.”

L To R: Erika Johnson, Photography, Class of 2009 / Joseph Camara, Photography, Class of 2010 / John H. White, faculty, Photography Department / Brandy A. Kent, Photography, Class of 2009 / Kyle Wolff, Photography, Class of 2010