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President's Club
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President's Club

Columbia College was built on a foundation of hard work, dedication, innovative thinking, and perseverance. 123 years later, we continue to instill these values in our students, teaching them to be more than well-educated observers of society, but also to proactively author the culture of their times.

We do this by bringing them to the intersection of scholarship and commitment: using their educational gifts to attain a successful career and give back to their communities. Our legacy is the work of these talented students and the vibrant community of alumni, friends, and creative professionals who have called Columbia home. And that community continues to grow.

Building on the ideals and the forward-thinking vision of our founders, Columbia College has become a national and international leader in the visual, performing, media, and communication arts. Our faculty of working professionals provide students with a world-class education. Our talented and dedicated alumni bring a focused vision to their creative work, enriching our society and affecting positive change.

We invite you to invest in our community by becoming a President’s Club-level donor. Individuals who contribute a cumulative gift of $1,000 or more in one year receive recognition in the President’s Club, Columbia College Chicago’s prestigious giving society. As a President’s Club donor, you will become a crucial partner in our mission to enrich the lives of our students.

President’s Club donors have the opportunity to provide inspiration through investment. They not only engage with our remarkable students, amazing alumni, and extraordinary faculty, but receive invitations to exciting special events, select receptions, and other cultural happenings as well. Most importantly, President’s Club donors help deserving, talented students complete their education and position themselves to become the next generation of successful Columbia College alumni.

Join us. Help us continue our tradition of excellence as the nation’s largest arts and media college. Thank you in advance for your partnership in our progress.

Donors who contribute a cumulative gift of $1,000 or more ($500 or more for faculty and staff) in one year receive recognition in the President’s Club, Columbia College Chicago’s prestigious giving society.  President’s Club donors enjoy special recognition and invitations to featured events throughout the year.  Scheduled payments of your gift may be arranged for your convenience.

President’s Club donors provide the necessary support for Columbia College’s student-focused initiatives.  Thank you for your support!

President's Club Honor Roll of Donors

Opportunities to Give

Scholarship Columbia
is a $1 million dollar matching challenge created to increase scholarship dollars and invigorate the spirit of giving and giving back within the Columbia College Chicago community.
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The Alumni Scholarship was established to recognize student achievement and to assist undergraduate students with paying for their education.
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The President's Club Scholarship was established in 2005 to celebrate the tenth anniversary of Columbia's President's Club and help current students complete their degrees.
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The Open Doors Scholarship program, initiated in 2004 to provide support to Chicago Public Schools graduates, bridges the gap between state and federal financial aid programs and the cost of tuition and fees.
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The Friends of the Library program builds and enhances important library collections, and in doing so, supports the academic, cultural and intellectual needs of those who have chosen our student-centered institution. Friends of the Library gather, engage and maintain a robust association of individuals interested in strengthening the collections of the Columbia College Chicago Library through financial and in-kind donations.
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Upcoming President's Club Events