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Columbia College Chicago
Step 2: Determining your Placement Scores

Step 2: Determining your Placement Scores

  • Before you can register for courses you will need to know your placement in English and Mathematics. If you have not yet taken the New Student Placement, you should do so as soon as possible.
  • Transfer students who have already completed college level English Writing & Rhetoric courses and Mathematics please skip to STEP 3. 
  • If you have completed the New Student Assessment at Columbia College Chicago, your placement scores are located in your OASIS account under “Exams.”
  • If you completed the ACT Exam and you submitted your scores to Columbia, you can also use these test scores to determine your placement levels in English and mathematics.
  • The ACT Exam scores are also located in your Oasis account under “Exams.”
  • HOMEWORK – Look up your placement scores on your OASIS account by selecting your exams record (Once you log in, click on the word "Student" on the top right for a list of links). There will be a breakdown of placement scores and your personal scores will be listed at the bottom. Write down the English and Mathematics courses you placed into. Also note whether you need to take a College Reading Course.
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