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Bob Blinn's FAQ
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Bob Blinn's FAQ

I think I'm in the wrong major. Can I speak to someone?

Make an appointment to see me. You may also speak with any full-time faculty member at the school to get more info on other majors. All full-time faculty have office hours set aside to meet with you.

How can I find a job.

Check out Columbia's Career Initiatives page featuring both on and off campus employment positions and strategies for career development.

How can I find out what to take next semester?

Make an appointment to see your Faculty Advisor and me. You may also refer to the 4-year plan you received at orientation. You may also check your Advising Guide on OASIS.

What's a graduation audit?

Once you've reached 90 credit hours, log into Oasis and fill out a graduation application featured on the Student tab. In a few weeks, you will receive a detailed report listing courses you need to complete for graduation. We have extensive graduation information on our Graduation Audit page.

I have questions about my FAFSA and some other financial issues. Who can I speak to?

Visit the Student Financial Services Office located on the third floor of the 600 S. Michigan building. You can also call them toll free at 866-705-0200 or visit the SFS website.

I don't feel well. Do we have a health professional on campus?

Yes. The Student Health Center is located at 731 S. Plymouth Court . Phone 312 369 6830

Does Columbia have a gym?

Yes. This page lists facilities and hours of availability.

Want to teach?

It seems a well-kept secret that Columbia has a graduate education department where students with a BA or BS in any area can pursue programs leading to an elementary teaching certificate; and art majors can gain certification to teach art in both elementary and high school! Along with this, candidates receive a Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) degree.
Courses in the Educational Studies Department are offered in the evenings on a part-time basis, but students take sufficient credits to qualify for loans at the graduate level. As in other departments at Columbia, state-of-the-art instruction, small classes, and a caring environment are the order of the day.
Every fall several Columbia graduates enter our MAT programs. They make great candidates and we'd like to see more of them apply! For more information, contact Sheila Brady, MAT Program Advisor at sbrady@colum.edu.

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