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Advising for Journalism Majors
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Advising for Journalism Majors

Your Advisor: Paula Brien (bio link)
Let's Connect: pbrien@colum.edu

Paula is available by appointment throughout the academic year. To make an appointment to see Paula, click on the Make Appointments tab in your OASIS portal, or call our front desk at 312.369.7645. You can also email her with specific questions at pbrien@colum.edu (include your OASIS # in the email).


As you prepare to register for your next semester, remember that certain Journalism students are required to meet with a Journalism Faculty Advisor in the Journalism Department for advising on your major and "clearance" prior to registering for classes. Check your Oasis Loop email to see if you're one of them.

Faculty advising and registration clearance is typically required for:

> Students at the 45-60 credit level, including credit hours in progress (IP)

> Students at the 75-90 credit level, including credit hours in progress (IP)

For an appointment with your Journalism Faculty Adivsor, call 312.369.8900.

If you don't know your registration timeslot or the status of any holds on your account, log in to OASIS and click on the "Register for Classes" link. Change your options to the next coming semester and a message on the screen will show your registration time and any holds you may have (this message will be show about a month before registration opens). Faculty advising is not mandatory for Summer registration. --- You can also click on the Holds link under your Students tab in OASIS to see all holds other than the Faculty Registration Advising Hold.

Preparing to Graduate?  

Are you asking, "WHEN DO I GRADUATE?" --- If you want to know what you "have left" before you graduate, run your Advising Guide in OASIS online, and, if you have questions or concerns, contact me, Paula Brien, (via appointment or email) about graduation requirements. Please also contact your J concentration director about your progress toward your BA.

When you contact me about "what's left," I'll review your record and provide you with a summary along with instructions on how to resolve any problems and how to address any concerns. I will share this with your J concentration program director, as well. Note that the college is in the midst of changing its academic advising structure and responsibilities so that Journalism Faculty Advisors will provide the academic advising for upper-level students, while I will provide it for all freshmen in their first two semesters and all transfer students who are in their first semester.

DO THIS: You must apply for graduation one year before the start of your expected last semester at Columbia in order to get a timely graduation audit from the new Office of Degree Evaluation. If you expect to finish your BA reqs within a year, apply online immediately: complete your graduation application online through the "Apply for Graduation" link under the Students tab in your OASIS page.

Looking for a job?   

CAREER ADVISING: You have several resources around the college for career advising.

1) Review the resources and advice on the college's Career Development website: http://www.colum.edu/Students/Career/career_development/index.php.
2) Meet with your concentration's program director in the J Department to discuss internships, work samples, and career strategies.
3) Find books in the Career Corner on the 5th floor of the Columbia library.
4) Figure out how to best use the services of Columbia's Portfolio Center: www.colum.edu/portfolio
5) Schedule an hour with me, Paula Brien, in the College Advising Center (book two back-to-back half-hour-long appointments through the "Make Appointments" tab in your OASIS portal).
6) Log on and use ColumbiaWorks, the college's job lead database.