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Graduation Audit Process FAQ
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Graduation Audit Process FAQ

for graduating undergraduate students

I've already applied, do I have to do anything else?

If you have applied to graduate and indicated on the application that you intend to walk in the ceremony then you have completed the necessary paperwork.

Columbia has a web page for information regarding the commencement ceremony. The address is www.colum.edu/commencement.

Please note: There are only two dates for the commencement ceremony each year in May. Even if you graduated in the Fall or you are graduating in the Summer semester, you still attend a May ceremony.

What information will be on my diploma?

Your diploma will have your name, your graduation date, your major and the name of the degree you were awarded at the time (e.g. Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor or Music).  Concentrations and minors are NOT indicated on the diploma. If you should need it, your official transcript will list more detailed information, including your major, concentration, minor. Official transcripts also designate whether a student has graduated with honors. Honors graduates wear gold tassels at the commencement ceremony.

Is there a graduation fee?

The graduation fee is $150 for undergraduates. The fee is charged regardless of whether or not you participate in the ceremony. You can check your course and fee statement on Oasis.

What if I still have an open balance?

-Can I participate in the commencement ceremony? All students who have applied to graduate and indicated on the application that they would attend the ceremony can participate regardless of any money owed. Participation in the ceremony does not constitute graduation.  You graduate when all graduation requirements are completed and the degree is posted.

-Will my degree be posted? If you have fulfilled all academic requirements to graduate your degree will be posted regardless of any money you may owe. However, you cannot receive your diploma or your official transcript until your balance is paid in full. Even though your transcript will not be released, the Records Office can still verify graduation.

What if I am taking summer classes, can I still attend the ceremony?

The ceremonies in May are for all students graduating in the current academic year. It does not matter if you finished in the fall or if you won't graduate until August. If you need to change your expected graduation date, you can use the graduation application link on Oasis under the Students tab.

What if I need to order a duplicate diploma?
Visit this link for more details on how to place an order.

Can I keep taking more courses after I graduate?

Yes, you can enroll in more undergraduate courses after your degree has been posted, but once the first degree is posted you start a new, second transcript. Transcripts are "frozen" once the degree is posted; that is, no changes or additions appear on them. If you have questions about financial aid, contact Student Financial Services.  Please contact Admissions for information about enrolling in further undergraduate coursework at Columbia.

What about grad school?

You can pick up a copy of the Graduate School Guide in Suite 300, 623 S. Wabash or visit the website www.graduateguide.com.

To get information on Columbia's graduate school, visit their website.