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Columbia College Chicago
Asian American Cultural Affairs

Asian American Cultural Affairs

Asian American Cultural Affairs is committed to working closely with students, faculty, and staff, and its student organization to advocate for Asian American interests, concerns, and needs. The office also provides resources for individual empowerment and success; builds community; and creates social, cultural, and educational programming for and about the Asian American experience.

The office works to provide you with a place for exploration of identity issues, opportunities for mentoring, and the development of leadership skills, while supporting your personal and academic achievements, especially regarding student contributions to the arts and media.

For us, Asian-American can mean many things: Southeast Asian, West Asian (Arab or Middle-Eastern), South Asian, East Asian, Pacific Islander, Central Asian, Hapa and those who identify as multi-racial. We want students to understand that Asian and the Pacific Islands stretches from the Philippines to Palestine, and Hawa’ii to the United States.

We hope as we define ourselves we are able to share our experiences as a collective and move forward as a diverse generation of evolving artists, innovators, and educators!

Asian Pacific American Heritage Month 2014: UNSEEN/UNHEARD

In celebration of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month 2014, we embrace the stories that go UNSEEN and UNHEARD. We aim to amplify the voices that get marginalized within our own communities, and celebrate the varied experiences that make up Asian Pacific America. For we are just as diverse as we are united—in our traditions, our history, and our experiences in this country. We hope you will join us for this outstanding lineup of programs that honor our community’s vibrance and invaluable contributions to the arts and media.

Asian Pacific American Heritage Month 2014: UNSEEN/UNHEARD poster