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Columbia Multiples
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Columbia Multiples


Columbia Multiples was founded is a newly inaugurated program designed to advance the work of highly notable artists of color through the creation of limited edition multiples at the renowned professional print studio that is Anchor Graphics. The program was founded to support Anchor Graphics artist in residency, lecture, and related educational programs by way of a subscription membership, which provides individuals the opportunity to collect extraordinary works being created by the most influential artists of color working today.

Benefits of Membership
• Collection opportunities for limited members (30 individuals)
• Members receive annually one signed and numbered publication in the series
     (valued between $1500.00–$5000.00)
• Discount of 20% on prints purchased from the Anchor Graphics Archives
• Invitations to Members-only events and receptions
• Invitations to all Art + Design and Columbis College events 

 For membership and further information, please call 312.369.6865

Anchor Graphics Grad and Undergrad Interns Assisting in New Multiples Program 

Under the guidance of Anchor Graphics Executive Director David Jones, and Master Printer and Shop Manager Chris Flynn, Anchor Graphics' fall 2012 graduate and undergraduate interns have been providing important support for the new Columbia Multiples program. The program's inaugural guest artist is internationally renowned artist Margo Humphrey, Head of the Printmaking Department at University of Maryland/College Park.


Interns have been assisting with cleaning and registering film, exposing plates, and the printing of Humphrey's complex twelve-color limited edition multiple. The concept behind her work, Fear Not! I Got You, sprung out of the fatal Florida shooting of Trayvon Martin by George Zimmerman on the night of February 26, 2012. Says Humphrey, "My work portrays Trayvon Martin on the night of the fateful incident—alone, scared, on the edge of life and death. Listening to my son and his friends talk about the incident, I was struck by how historically, this is an occurrence that keeps befalling young black men in the United States, from Emmet Till to Trayvon Martin." After attending a memorial "Hoodie Sunday" service at her local congregation that was organized by the church's youth group, Humphrey was stimulated to create her work, which incorporates imagery from history, religion, and news stories of the event itself.

Humphrey's print portrays both Martin and the Madonna front and center. "Historically," says Humphrey, "the Madonna doesn't play a large role in African American religious imagery. In imagining what may have been going through Martin's mind at the time of his death, I thought maybe it's about time we had her appear. She would be a comforting force, to be with him in the time of transition between this world and the next."

The print includes twelve colors, including gold leaf, and has been in the works for six months. Master Printer Chris Flynn estimates that the final edition of multiples will take at least another month to complete. Humphrey is enjoying her time at Anchor, which she calls "a unique place, with wonderful support, allowing me to print as I would in my own shop, at my own creative pace, with my process intact." Director David Jones adds, "Our mission at Anchor is to bond the artist and Anchor around the fruition of an idea. The changes that happen, and the creative journey are something we are actively seeking to bring interns and students into. The art is not only the finished piece, but the residue of the experience of us all working together to realize a vision."

Pictured in gallery: Margo Humphrey, David Jones, Chris Flynn, and intern Erik Salgado, third-year undergrad in A+D.

Margo Humphrey's work will be available for sale to Columbia Multiples subscription series members. For more information on the program, call 312-369.6865. For more information on Margo Humphrey, click here.