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Independent Study Abroad
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Independent Study Abroad

Columbia students have studied in over 70 countries.
Where will you go?

If you have looked through the exchanges and still want another option for a semester abroad, you might want to look into independent study abroad options with one of our preferred providers (sort of like a travel agent for study abroad).  Keep in mind that this will take a lot more work and time to set up, and you must get approval from several offices before you are approved. 

If you’re interested in this option, contact the International Programs office at aiipoffice@colum.edu or 312.369.7726.   The International Programs Office distributes the Columbia College Study Abroad Agreement which is required for students who wish to receive credit at Columbia or use student financial aid processed by the college.  Carefully consider if you are up for the challenges involved with independent study abroad, or if an exchange might be a better fit for you.

To get you started, here are some helpful links:

    • Starting research for independent study abroad programs is made simple by reviewing programs offered by our preferred provider

AIFS: www.aifsabroad.com/

Athena: www.athenaabroad.com/ 

CEA: www.ceastudyabroad.com/

CIS: www.cisabroad.com/


    • Reference the US Department of State's Study Abroad Information regarding official documents and governmental travel recommendations: http://studentsabroad.state.gov/
    • Check out blogs from other students abroad on the National Geographic sponsored website: http://glimpse.org/