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Creative Writing offers Bachelor of Arts and Master of Fine Arts degrees in Nonfiction, Fiction and Poetry; a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Fiction Writing; and minors in Creative Nonfiction, Fiction Writing and Poetry. As an undergraduate, you’ll explore the history of your chosen genre while creating original and innovative work of your own. Our intensive graduate programs are small, vibrant and supportive communities for growing as a student, honing your craft as a writer, and obtaining experience as an educator.

Majors & Programs

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Poetry, BA


As a Poetry student at Columbia, you’ll gain creative, critical and aesthetic insights that will propel your artistic growth and your understanding of the medium itself. You’ll achieve this through a sequence of poetry workshops, poetry literature classes, hybrid studio/craft seminars, a poetry reading series and publishing your work in our nationally distributed, student-edited poetry magazine, Columbia Poetry Review.

Nonfiction, BA


The Nonfiction major introduces you to a variety of nonfiction forms, pushing you to explore the history of the genre and write prose that is personal and original. You’ll study with some of the most respected writers in the genre and join a vibrant community that can help you transition to a publishing career or graduate studies.

Fiction, BA


Columbia’s Fiction major is truly unequaled in undergraduate education. The program covers the basics of fictional genres and offers a variety of critical reading and writing classes. Electives in science fiction, children’s writing, creative nonfiction and publishing are available to match your interests. Our graduates have published widely in all of these areas and possess the skills necessary to obtain jobs in a wide range of communications-related fields.

Fiction, BFA


The Bachelor of Fine Arts in Fiction provides intensive writing instruction with an equally strong liberal arts foundation from Columbia’s Liberal Arts and Sciences Core Curriculum. This program particularly suits students planning graduate study in creative writing or employment in writing-related professions.

Creative Nonfiction Minor


Whether you’re recharging your writing style or investigating a career in written communications, the Creative Nonfiction minor provides an interdisciplinary approach to improve your written, oral and creative problem-solving skills. The coursework is a combination of analytical, research-based, poetic, fictional and journalistic techniques that will enhance your overall abilities as a communicator.

Fiction Minor


Whatever your major, the Fiction Writing minor provides an extensive set of writing techniques that stretch your skills beyond the core curriculum. A focused sequence of writing courses will sharpen your reading, writing, listening, speaking and creative problem-solving skills.

Poetry Minor


Any student, regardless of major, can benefit from a minor in Poetry and harness its expressive power as an art form. Resident and visiting instructors teach the coursework, and you’ll enjoy a variety of special programs unique to poetry studies at Columbia.

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