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Creative Writing offers Master of Fine Arts degrees in Nonfiction, Fiction and Poetry; a Bachelor of Arts degree in Creative Writing; a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Fiction; and a minor in Creative Writing. As an undergraduate, you’ll explore the history of your chosen genre of concentration while creating original and innovative work of your own. Our intensive graduate programs are small, vibrant and supportive communities for growing as a student, honing your craft as a writer, and obtaining experience as an educator.

Majors & Programs

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Creative Writing, BA


Creative Writing students at Columbia have consistently pushed boundaries. As a Creative Writing major, you’ll do the same—discovering your own voice as a writer while developing your craft and benefiting from regular, one-on-one interactions with diverse, distinguished faculty. Most importantly, you’ll spend a lot of time creating work. And by the time you graduate, you’ll be grounded in the aesthetics of writing as well the business of creative writing.

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Creative Writing, Poetry, BA

You’ll discover your own voice as a poet and develop your craft. And by the time you graduate, you’ll be grounded in the history of poetry, poetics and a wide range of writing approaches.

Creative Writing, Nonfiction, BA

You’ll form a foundation based on the history, forms, genres and techniques that are vital to producing nonfiction work, and you’ll be exposed to the new role of nonfiction writing in the literary landscape as you create a body of work of your own.

Creative Writing, Fiction, BA

You’ll flex your creative muscles as you engage with classic and contemporary novels, short stories and experimental texts. You’ll also develop critical reading and writing skills as you study a variety of literary forms and genres.

Interdisciplinary Documentary, BA


Documentary filmmakers wear many hats. They’re directors and writers, photographers and voice actors. But above all else, documentary filmmakers are compelling storytellers with a passion for spreading the truth. As an Interdisciplinary Documentary major, you’ll take courses in a variety of departments and gain a comprehensive education that covers nonfiction storytelling through story, image and sound. You’ll graduate with a wide knowledge of documentary theory and practice and a portfolio of nonfiction work that spans disciplines and media formats.

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Fiction, BFA


In the Fiction BFA program, you’ll study a variety of literary forms and genres, narrative techniques and revision strategies. You’ll also engage with classic and contemporary novels, short stories and experimental texts. Through an amazing array of specialty writing classes and workshop-style learning, you’ll be exposed to the intense liberal arts education all writers must possess, while completing a service learning component and rigorous capstone class.

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Creative Writing, Minor


The minor in Creative Writing allows you to combine your major field of study with a sequence of workshop classes and elective writing courses that will improve reading, writing, listening, speaking and problem-solving skills—a natural boost for any creative professional. You’ll enjoy all of the benefits available to Creative Writing majors: experienced resident and visiting instructors, the ability to work on student-produced literary magazines, and other special programs. This minor complements a variety of majors, including Advertising, International Arts Management, Photography, Public Relations and Television.

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