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The Journalism Department is committed to educating students in critical, creative and independent thinking; ethical decision making; and the fundamentals of accurate and lively reporting, writing and editing for all media. You can earn a Bachelor of Arts degree with a choice of concentrations: News & Features, Magazine, Health & Science, or Broadcast. We offer a Master of Arts degree focused on public affairs reporting. You can also add a Journalism minor to your existing course of study.

Majors & Programs

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Multimedia Photojournalism, BA


Columbia College Chicago’s new Multimedia Photojournalism BA will prepare you for a career as a photojournalist in an increasingly competitive new media environment. With a strong foundation in journalism and photography, the Multimedia Photojournalism BA explores audio, documentary, coding, blogging and interactive media. You’ll work alongside students in television, film, radio and business to push the boundaries of interactive and visual storytelling in Chicago, across the nation and around the world.

Journalism Minor


The minor allows any undergraduate to explore an interest in Journalism and discover more career options and freelance opportunities. The program includes crucial core courses in journalism fundamentals, law, ethics, and using technology and social media in the service of good journalism. You can specialize in multimedia or magazine journalism, or customize your own program. You’ll become a better writer and hone your critical thinking skills as you become a more sophisticated citizen and news consumer.

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