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The Television Department teaches the art of telling and delivering the stories that shape, inform, entertain and inspire people’s lives every day. We offer a Bachelor of Arts degree, with four concentrations: Post-production and Effects, Internet and Mobile Media, Production and Directing, and Writing and Producing. You can also choose one of three minors to supplement another course of study: Motion Graphics, Non-Linear Editing or Writing for Television.

Majors & Programs

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Television, BA


Columbia’s landmark television major produces professionals with job-ready portfolios in four key concentrations: Writing/Producing, Directing/Production, Post-production/Effects, and Internet and Mobile Media. You’ll create television in your first semester, immersed in a curriculum that emphasizes the future of storytelling and surrounded by like-minded and passionate students and faculty.

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Television, Internet and Mobile Media, BA

Students seeking a BA in Television may choose a concentration in Internet and Mobile Media. This concentration emphasizes the writing, producing and production of varied forms of episodic and stand-alone content for emerging media platforms including branded entertainment, webisodes, and interactive and YouTube video.

Television, Post-Production and Effects, BA

Students seeking a BA in Television may choose a concentration in Post-Production and Effects. Post-production is the creative stage where visuals, audio, graphics and effects are combined and polished. In this concentration, students are expected to learn advanced editing, motion graphics and visual effects, and to work on programs produced for broadcast television, Internet and mobile.

Television, Production and Direction, BA

Students seeking a BA in Television may choose a concentration in Production and Direction. This concentration teaches students a wide variety of techniques for studio and location production for both single and multiple camera shoots. Students produce work in multiple environments including the studios, remote truck and in the field.

Television, Writing and Producing, BA

Students seeking a BA in Television may choose a concentration in Writing and Producing. The writer/producer creates new programs, develops new series, and oversees all aspects of production from the idea stage through marketing and distribution. Students in this concentration should be able to write and produce effectively across genres including comedy, drama, documentary and performance.

Interdisciplinary Documentary, BA


Documentary filmmakers wear many hats. They’re directors and writers, photographers and voice actors. But above all else, documentary filmmakers are compelling storytellers with a passion for spreading the truth. As an Interdisciplinary Documentary major, you’ll take courses in a variety of departments and gain a comprehensive education that covers nonfiction storytelling through story, image and sound. You’ll graduate with a wide knowledge of documentary theory and practice and a portfolio of nonfiction work that spans disciplines and media formats.

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Television Executive Producing and Entrepreneurship, BFA


The BFA in Television Executive Producing and Entrepreneurship is a professional degree that addresses the growing need to prepare students to launch and manage entertainment projects while maintaining creative control of their productions (a position typically referred to as the executive producer or showrunner). The curriculum is designed to immerse students in the key aspects of producing and entrepreneurship that include expert storytelling, script development, project and people management, collaboration methods, multi-platform distribution methods and project financing.

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Motion Graphics Minor


Motion Graphics is a growing practice that involves producing title sequences, television commercials, television network identifications, music video effects, and web and app-based graphic animations. This minor focuses on developing skills in design process, animation, and video capture for use in motion graphics projects for television, film and the web. Students who may wish to complete the minor include students from Cinema Art + Science, Television, Art + Design, Interactive Arts & Media, and Photography.

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Video Production Minor


Today’s video-centric, Web-driven culture creates demand for content creation and editing skills in many arenas besides television and film. Video production skills can support your work in virtually any major the College offers and enhance your employability at graduation.

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Writing for Television Minor


Television is flourishing on networks, cable channels and particularly the Web, and it needs stories–––tons of them. Columbia’s Television Writing minor prepares you to become a scriptwriter who can focus on a career in television or create story content as part of a broader production, artistic or communications career.

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