A+D Gallery

The Moments Between: New Work by Rafael E. Vera
Curated by Jessica Cochran

January 15- February 21, 2015

Reception: January 29, 5-7 pm

In The Moments Between, Vera’s new sculptures utilize building materials and domestic objects, which revel in a state of in between-ness and occupy ambiguous space relative to production and consumption. Fabricating his pallets, furniture and other objects entirely from scratch and combined with brand new pillows, cinder blocks or pallet trucks, these materials are sourced for artistic purposes alone. Soft surfaces meet hard edges where lightness and weight collude in works characterized as much by finesse as they are by heavy lifting. In this way, each sculpture is a proposal.

To provide discursive context for Vera’s practice, curator Jessica Cochran integrates into the exhibition additional works from Vera’s archive and by other artists, including: Jessica Bardsley, Jaclyn Jacunski, Kirsten Leenaars, and Sonja Thomsen.

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Rafael E. Vera

Heavy Conversation, 2015
poplar, concrete, rebar, vinyl, rubber caster
84" x 26" x 39"