A+D Gallery

Types by Display
Curated by Jamilee Polson Lacy

November 13- December 13, 2014

November 13- December 13, 2014

Typography, and its many types, is instrumental in the conveyance of things of all types. In the visual world that makes up much of our information age, types of letters, types of words, types of language, types of meanings, types of stories, and so on, all gain significance byway of typography.  TYPES, a site-specific exhibition designed by Display, a revolving design collective and artistic rubric led by Katherine Walker, presents an exploration of typography as it embodies multiple methods of literary and visual communication, including print design, signage, environmental graphics and more. Using Chicago writer Claire Keys' linguistic tales of untranslatable foreign terms (think German’s schilderwald, Inuit’s iktsuarpok and Japanese's age-otori) as creative content, Display will completely transform the gallery space into a physically all-encompassing typographical installation.

Opening Night will be kicked off with an Artists Lecture by Display (Katherine Walker, Ken Frederick, Claire Keys) at 4:00pm, with the opening reception following directly at 5.

In conjunction with TYPES, A+D Gallery will host “Type Sets,” a series of public programs consisting of workshops and lectures on the diverse and contemporaneous qualities of typography and text. Learn More


Koev Halev (detail), 2014

Digital print