A+D Gallery

Rudy Shepherd

The Healer Emerges, 2012

3 channel video


Krista Hoefle

Respawn, 2012

screenprint on paper

site-specific installation; dimensions variable


Jason Lahr

Signal Jammer, 2012

oil and acrylic on panel

The Almost Metal Collective

Curated by David Jones

January 10 – February 16, 2013

Public Reception: January 31, 5-8 pm

The Almost Metal Collective is: Krista Hoefle, Jason Lahr, Sheilah Wilson, Rudy Shepherd, and local shops of the ILSSA (Impractical Labor in Service of the Speculative Arts). This exhibition is an opportunity to take a visual excursion into the opinions and ideas of this loose-knit group. These artists attempt, in their various ways, to make sense of personal identity as impacted by cultural and social influences. Like so many, the artists represented in this exhibition have developed a hyper awareness of information available as open-source ephemera and have chosen to manipulate that material into personal statements about their world view.

Included in the exhibition is Rudy Sheperd, who builds Black Rock Energy Absorbers, which accompany his paintings of mass murders, politicians, terrorists, victimizers and victims as a way to remove the negative energy from people and their environment, allowing them to respond to life in a positive way. Krista Hoefle has created fictional characters who explore cyborg identity. She uses electronic objects, prints, video, and large humanoid figures fashioned out of large screen-prints on paper, as well as Poser based digital (3D) “zombie-pose” figures, which are digitally unfolded using Pepakura, and rebuilt in the gallery space. Sheilah Wilson uses photography, video and text as a performative and documentary tool in her attempts to pick through the seams of narrative and image.  Jason Lahr plucks and pulls from the traditions of narrative painting but propels it into a world built from generation X symbols with pop references, and as Jason says, he works like a vulture picking through a mountain of cultural detritus.