A+D Gallery

Bad at Sports

We Are Talking Here: An ongoing reterritorialization and desituation of bodily and existential contexts as applied through networked agencies towards praxis and the trope of a taxonomical lexicon. Redux.

June 14 - July 21, 2012
Closing Reception and Record Release Party: July 19th, 5 - 8pm

Check out the BAS daily grind on vimeo! 

Bad at Sports is a Chicago-based artist collective that began as a solution to the problem of dwindling local arts coverage. The results so far have been a weekly podcast/freely accessible audio archive of 340+ hours of artists and "art worlders" talking about their "art" and their "world," and a blog that in 2000+ articles has not only shed light on the regional art context, but offers an international reach and engagement. The project reflects the logic and generosity of the internet in that it seeks to engage, invite and openly participate in the discussions that shape our culture. 

The 2012 summer residency at A+D gallery offers a rare opportunity for Bad at Sports to extend the nature and content of their practice and production. Using discourse-based discussions to create physical experiences, “sound art objects," and to test installation strategies that are as much about how one experiences verbal content in a gallery, as they are about the conversational discourse being produced in and around art. BAS will create a segmented gallery space similar to the contexts that create their cultural production: an exhibition space, a work space, and a play space. These spaces will be open to the public and the members of BAS, BAS friends, BAS collaborators, and members of the general public, will participate together in what is somewhat like a clubhouse, a work shop, a display space, and a secret lair complete with Ping-Pong and foosball.