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Image and Implication
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Image and Implication

Image & Implication logoCritical Encounters: Image & Implication examines how images—visual, verbal and virtual—shape public perception and influence events and policy. Image & Implication challenges students to examine the impact of what they see, hear and read; produce arts and media that reflect and encourage civic engagement; and take action on issues of social importance.

  1. How are images manipulated to affect public opinion? Do people recognize that this is happening? 
  2. What assumptions do we make about other people based on their images? What fuels those assumptions?
  3. How do our experiences affect our interpretation of images? 
  4. When images desensitize us, how do we recapture empathy?
  5. What is visual literacy? Why does it matter?
  6. Can one image of anything be accurate and complete?
  7. What power do images have to educate and distort?
  8. What kinds of images foment action?
  9. What are our responsibilities as image-creators? 
  10. How has the internet changed our control of images? 
  11. What determines how people, institutions and events are portrayed?
  12. How do we deal with our inundation by images?