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General Members
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General Members

List of CBMR General Members

In addition to supporting the CBMR's mission, CBMR General Members receive the following benefits:

  • A yearly subscription to the Center's semiannual newsletter, CBMR Digest
  • Photocopying of research documents (according to the provisions of copyright law) equal to as much as $10.00 during the membership year
  • Periodic e-mail updates that include job postings by CBMR Institutional Members, CBMR news, or other news items relevant to the field
  • Listing of the member's name on the CBMR website and in the CBMR Digest 
This membership level expands the availability of support options to three, providing a more affordable level of support for those who are interested in the CBMR's work while addressing the rising costs associated with mailing the newsletter to a large audience. This level of membership is open to both individuals and organizations.

A 1-year membership is $30.00.