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2014 Excellence in Teaching Award
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2014 Excellence in Teaching Award

The Excellence in Teaching Award (ETA) is a celebration of the art of teaching at Columbia College Chicago. Each year, students, faculty, and staff honor their great teachers and colleagues by nominating them for this prestigious award. 

The ETA committee, composed of both full-and part-time faculty, will identify and honor two Columbia College teachers, one part-time and one full-time. The instructors will each receive a modest monetary award and a plaque.

Beyond identifying and rewarding individual excellence in teaching, this award process provides a way for the Excellence in Teaching Awards Committee to advance a college-wide commitment to rigor and creativity in our approaches to teaching and learning.

Nominations will be accepted between Monday, November 26th and Friday, February 14, 2014. Nominees will be notified by Tuesday, February 18.

Excellence in Teaching Award 2014

Excellent teaching at Columbia College:
Recognizing that excellence in teaching manifests itself in many different modes, styles, and voices, the Committee endorses the following five characteristics of excellent teachers (articulated here in language borrowed from Columbia's current instrument for soliciting student observations of teaching and learning.)

The Nomination Process: 

1. Click the ETA image on this page OR this link. Doing so will take you to a Moodle page displaying a list of facilitators and a message regarding guest access.

2. Click “Continue”

3. On this page, LOG IN to Moodle using your OASIS ID and OASIS password and click “Login,” or just press enter.

4. Next, you will be taken to a survey page. Please fill out all of the fields and select the appropriate departments for you and your nominee.

5. When you are finished, click “Continue.” A confirmation page will let you know that your nomination has been submitted.

You're done! You can click "Continue" to resume using Moodle or close the page. 

Excellent teachers:

  1. Communicate subject matter accurately, clearly, and with enthusiasm; and they present, invite, and test multiple and balanced points of view;
  2. Create communities of learners in which students can and do take intellectual risks and experiment creatively;
  3. Treat all students with respect and consideration, responding appropriately to the individual needs of each student;
  4. Stimulate the intellectual and/or artistic curiosity of students, fostering critical and creative thinking and problem solving;
  5. Challenge, inspire, and support students to do their best work, to achieve more than might have been expected.

All current full-time and part-time faculty members from all Columbia departments and programs are eligible for consideration in 2014.

Nominated Faculty:
For more information about the ETA 2014 Process, including timelines and how to accept your nomination, please visit our ETA 2014 Process page.