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Ad-Hoc Committee Rosters
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Ad-Hoc Committee Rosters

Ad-Hoc Committee to Revise the Faculty Handbook

Richard Woodbury, Faculty Affairs Committee, Chair

Hope Daniels, Office of the Provost

Joan Giroux, At-Large Faculty

Jeffrey Grauel, Office of the Provost

James Mitchem, Faculty Affairs Committee

Jacqueline Penrod, At-Large Faculty

Melissa Potter, Faculty Affairs

Ad-Hoc Committee for Consistency of Academic Definitions

Jaafar Aksikas, Academic Affairs Committee, Chair

Greg Foster-Rice, Academic Affairs Committee

Ted Hardin, At-Large Faculty

Susan Marcus, Office of the Provost/Office of Academic Affairs

Melissa McCallum, Dean’s Office—FPA

Raquel Monroe, At-Large Faculty

Neil Pagano, Dean’s Office—LAS

David Purcell, At-Large Faculty

Mirella Shannon, Dean’s Office—SMA

Ad-Hoc Committee on Student-Centered Interdisciplinary

Robin Whatley, Academic Affairs Committee, Co-Chair

Mirella Shannon, Dean’s Office—SMA, Co-Chair

Hope Daniels, Office of the Provost, Secretary

Lisa DiFranza, At-Large Faculty

Betsy Edgerton, At-Large Faculty

Kevin Henry, At-Large Faculty

Lott Hill, Office of the Provost

Frances Maggio, Academic Affairs Committee

Melissa McCallum, Dean’s Office—FPA

Neil Pagano, Dean’s Office—LAS

Janet Talbot, College Advising Center

Ad-Hoc Committee on Distance Learning

Don Smith, At-Large Faculty, Ad-Hoc Co-Chair

Suzanne McBride, At-Large Faculty, Ad-Hoc Committee Co-Chair

Sean Andrews, At-Large Faculty

Rojhat Avsar, At-Large Faculty

Nathan Bakkum, Academic Affairs Committee

Janell Baxter, Academic Affairs Committee

Anne Becker, Academic Affairs Committee

Dave Berner, At-Large Faculty

Jan Chindlund, Dean of the Library

Julie Hillery, Academic Affairs Committee

Ali Howell, At-Large Faculty

Kathleen Loftus, At-Large Faculty

David Noffs, Center for Innovation and Teaching Excellence