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Theatre Classes for Adults

Take the stage in our theatre classes. Anyone is welcome to join, no auditions necessary!

* All classes run for 8 weeks unless otherwise indicated.

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Vocal Techniques

Like any musical instrument, singing can be taught. Our new Vocal Techniques class is perfect for anyone who loves to sing and wants to train their voice in a fun and supportive environment. Each eight week class will cover such concepts as sound production, breathing, diction, interpretation and musicianship skills.

Vocal Techniques 1: Introduction, Breathing & Posture. (No experience necessary.)

Vocal Techniques 2: Applying the Concepts, Exploring Dynamics, etc. (Nominal background in singing, able to match pitch.)

Vocal Techniques 3: Singing in Harmony. (Must have taken Vocal Techniques 2.)

Vocal Techniques 4: Solo Performance. (Must have taken Vocal Techniques 3.)

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Sing Out


(Formerly Singing With Style)

From Cole Porter to Kurt Weill, Burt Bacharach to Stephen Sondheim - If these are some of your favorite American songwriters, then this is the class for you! This class is an introduction to cabaret singing that will include performance and listening to classic cabaret recordings. Students will learn how to personalize their performances by telling a story, how to work with an accompanist, and how to engage an audience through the spoken word that is the hallmark of this unique genre of vocal performance. 

This is a 16-week class.

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Singing With Style

Broadway Performance Ensemble

This class rehearses extended scenes, songs and group numbers from the contemporary Broadway musical theater repertoire. Taught by experienced Columbia College Theater Department faculty, this sixteen-week class helps develop acting skills, vocal techniques and confidence. The experience culminates in a final performance in our recital hall, which is free and open to family and friends. There is absolutely no experience necessary to enjoy this class, and everyone is welcome!

This is a 16-week class.

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