Columbia College Chicago

Festival of Flutes

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Meet other flutists while you receive constructive feedback on your playing from expert professional musicians! Founded in 1993, Festival of Flutes welcomes all flute students, regardless of age or ability, to participate in this fun event. Participants are free to choose their own repertoire (two contrasting pieces) and will perform in a recital for friends and family. Each performer will receive a certificate of accomplishment. The most outstanding performances will be chosen for an Honors Recital at Sherwood on Saturday, February 27, 2016.

Festival of Flutes will take place at Sherwood, the Community Music School at Columbia College Chicago, 1312 S. Michigan Ave., Chicago IL. 

Saturday, February 6, 2016. Application Deadline is January 6, 2016.

Repertoire Requirements
For Solo, Flute Ensemble, and Chamber Ensemble performers should prepare two pieces of contrasting style.

Festival Categories
Solo: For Outstanding rating one piece must be from memory.
Flute Ensemble: two or more flutists.
Chamber Ensemble: mixed instrumentation including at least one flutist.

Festival Levels / Time Allotments

Level Length of Private Study Alloted Time
1 Less than 3 years 6 minutes
2 3-5 years 8 minutes
3 5-7 years 10 minutes
4 7 or more years 12 minutes
A Adult Amateur 12 minutes

Festival Ratings/Awards
I+ - Outstanding
I - Excellent
II - Good
III - Needs Improvement

Detailed comment sheets from the adjudicators will be mailed to the participant's private teacher. Medals are awarded to students who have participated in Festival of Flutes for three years or who have received an Outstanding rating for two years consecutively.

An accompanist is required for all participants in Festival of Flutes. It is the responsibility of the participant to secure an accompanist, not the responsibility of the event organizers. If you need an accompanist and do not have one, click here to download a list of suggested accompanists.

Solo Participant: $45
Ensemble: $50 for up to 4 members. ($10 for each additional member)

Volunteer Opportunities
We welcome volunteers to donate as little as one hour of their time (or more) to help with timekeeping for the recitals. If you are interested, please contact Lisa Goethe-McGinn at (312) 359-3180.

How To Register
1. Pay the application fee.
Payment must be made online through our secure Online Registration Center (select the activity listed as 'Festival of Flutes' and then choose either 'Solo Participant' or 'Ensemble'.) Registration by phone or in person at Sherwood will not be accepted. If you have participate in Festival of Flutes in the past three years, then you already have an online account. Contact us if you don't know your login. Application deadline is January 6, 2016.

2. After the application deadline has passed, you will receive an email from Sherwood requesting additional information about the participant's pieces. Once you receive the survey, please complete it as soon as possible to avoid any scheduling delays. Thank you for your cooperation.

Assigned performance times will be emailed to the participant and their accompanist approximately two weeks before the event. An email address is required to register for this event in order to receive important event communication. Event information will NOT be communicated via postal mail or by phone.

For questions about the Festival of Flutes, call 312-369-3100, ext. 3180 or email