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Ventra U-Pass Information

Below, you'll find some general information to help you become familiar with your new Ventra U-Pass.

IMPORTANT: Things to know about your Ventra U-Pass:

How do I obtain my Ventra U-Pass?

The Fall U-Pass will be available for pick up for eligible students on the following days and locations:

You must have a valid Campus Card (Student ID) to order or pick up your Ventra U-Pass.

New students will need to order a Ventra U-Pass at one of the distribution locations and times referenced above. Ventra U-Pass orders submitted during the distribution dates will not be available for same day pick up and require a minimum of 7 business days for delivery to the Campus Card Office. Temporary passes will be provided to students when their Ventra U-Pass order is confirmed in person. This may take approximately 30-40 minutes depending on volume so please plan ahead. The deadline to order a new Ventra U-Pass is October 23, 2015.

Using your Ventra U-Pass

Fall Dates Spring Dates Summer Dates
Activated on: 9/3/2015 Activated on: 1/20/2016 Activated on: 5/20/2016
Deactivated on: 12/24/2015 Deactivated on: 5/19/2016 Deactivated on: 8/13/2016

Negative Balance on your Ventra Card Transit Account

Students who used their Ventra U-Pass after the U-Pass fare was deactivated at the end of the fall semester, but did not add funds to the Transit Account on the card, may have a negative balance on their card. If you have a negative balance on your Ventra Card, your U-Pass fare will not be activated until the negative balance is resolved with Ventra.

To check your card balance, click this link:

Ventra Customer Service website is, 877-NOW-VENTRA/866-669-8368

Lost or Stolen Ventra U-Pass:

  1. Call 1-877-NOW-VENTRA (1-877-669-8368) or login at to report your card as lost or stolen. Ventra will deactivate your card which will reduce the risk of a negative balance being created on your card by another person.
  2. Visit the Campus Card Office to request a new card
  3. A nonrefundable $50 fee must be paid to receive a replacement Ventra U-Pass.
  4. Bring the receipt to the Campus Card Office. When you pay the U-Pass Replacement Fee online or at the cashier but do not notify the Campus Card office that you have paid, your U-Pass replacement order will not be completed until you contact the Campus Card Office either in person or by phone. Submitting a payment does not automatically initiate a new card order.
  5. Allow a minimum of 7 business days for delivery. You will be notified at your Columbia Loop email account when your Ventra card is available for pick up at the campus card office.

Defective Ventra U-Pass:

If your Ventra U-Pass card is not working:

  1. Call the Ventra U-Pass activation phone number at 877-450-5328, press 0 to skip the automated message and speak to a Ventra agent. Ask the agent to confirm whether your Ventra Card has been activated. The Ventra agent will require your 16 digit Ventra Card number located on the back of the card, your name and Oasis ID. If your card has not been activated, the Ventra agent will activate it and you may use it immediately.
  2. If you card does not work after it has been activated, bring the card to the Ventra Customer Service Office, 165 North Jefferson, at the corner of Jefferson and Lake St. Hours: Monday – Friday 8AM to 4:30PM.
  3. Ventra will determine whether the card is defective on site. If the card is defective, Ventra will issue a Defective Card form to you stating card is defective, issue a temporary pass and waive the $50 replacement fee.
  4. You must bring the Defective Card form to the Campus Card Office to request a new Ventra U-Pass card.
  5. Allow a minimum 7 business days for delivery. You will be notified at your Columbia Loop email account when your Ventra card is available for pick up at the campus card office.

Add full fare passes and transit value to your Ventra U-Pass:

Ventra U-Pass FAQs

Click here for Ventra U-Pass FAQs