Bruce Sheridan, Film & Video ChairWelcome to the UFVA 2012 Conference at Columbia College Chicago. This year we celebrate the role of the imagination in film and media education. The aim is to investigate how the imagination can be the most important 21st century technology: the crucial subtext that informs pedagogy, teaching methodologies, and the practical application of the screen crafts through those other technologies we all work with every day.

Chicago is one of the world’s most vibrant and exciting cities. Come spend an unforgettable week with us August 8-11, 2012. You’ll reconnect with colleagues, form important new relationships, stay up to date with educational and professional developments that directly impact the lives of our students… and have a great old Chicago-style good time.

Bruce Sheridan
Chair, Film & Video Department



We want to encourage discussion about, analysis of, and responses to the idea that in both media education and media production the one essential ingredient is the imagination because it is the primary vehicle of human creativity. It’s not only a matter of asking, “What’s an imaginative story we can tell in a movie?” but also asking “How do we understand and deploy the imagination in our pedagogies to the same level of sophistication with which we master craft, physical technologies, and intellectual analysis?”

We are very excited to announce the keynote speaker, Peter Sims, whose most recent book is Little Bets: How Breakthrough Ideas Emerge From Small Discoveries. Peter is at the vanguard of the move to validate incremental, collaborative creativity and has made a close analysis of PIXAR and other entertainment and media organizations whose success comes from stepping outside traditional industry models.

The 2012 Conference will continue the UFVA commitment to provide thought-provoking panels and screenings conceived and delivered by the membership. It will include high quality workshops through which attendees can explore the latest technological developments. As always, the leading media education publishers and technology leaders will be present on the exhibit floor to share their latest offerings and discuss future needs.