Changes to Your Enrollment

When a student is awarded Federal Student Aid (FSA) funds, it is based on the assumption that the student will attend classes for the entire period of enrollment. If a student drops a class, withdraws from all classes, or stops attending courses, he or she may no longer be eligible for the full amount of FSA funds originally awarded. 

Here is more information about how changes to your enrollment affect your financial aid. 

Don't forget - if you are considering making changes to your enrollment with Columbia, it is important to contact the College Advising Center as well as Columbia Central. 

Other Considerations

There are other areas that may be impacted if you drop or withdraw from some or all of your coursework for the semester. It is important to consider these when making your decision:

  • Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)

    It is important that while you are making changes to your enrollment with Columbia College Chicago, this could potentially impact your SAP status.

    Undergraduate students can find more information about SAP here

    Graduate students can find more information about SAP here

  • Loans

    If you have borrowed federal loans:
    If you drop below 6 credit hours or completely withdraw from the semester, it will affect your federal loan deferment status. If you currently have loans, your loans will lose their in-school deferment status after you drop/withdraw and you may need to start repaying your loans. If you have questions about your loan repayment obligations, contact your Loan Servicer.

    If you have borrowed private educational loans…
    If you drop below 6 credit hours or completely withdraw from the semester, it may impact the terms of repayment on your private educational loan(s). In some cases, your lender may require you to begin repayment immediately. In other cases, a lender might also require you to continue making payments even if you enroll next semester. If you are considering dropping below 6 credits or withdrawing from the semester, you should contact your lender.

  • Campus Housing
    If you are living on-campus, contact Residence Life if you are considering withdrawing from the semester. Students are required to be actively enrolled in order to remain in campus housing.
  • Health Insurance
    If you receive insurance or benefits, many insurance (health, auto, etc.) or benefit policies require active, full-time enrollment. Check with your or your parents' insurance or benefit provider(s) before you decide to drop or withdraw.
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