Students and parents need the below documents for processes related to students' account. For information on how to submit these documents, visit our document submission page.

Please note: This page does not include information for the Verification process, which will be sent directly via the college's official email.


Priority Deadlines for submitting Loan Applications or Aid Adjustments/Notifications:

Fall 2022: December 1, 2022

Spring 2023: May 1, 2023

Summer 2023: July 1, 2023

Loan Applications

  • Parent PLUS Loan Application

    This online electronic application is for parents of dependent undergraduate students who wish to borrow additional funds to assist in financing their student's education. 

    This application must be completed electronically within 60 days of being awarded, or by the priority dates listed on the application. 

  • Graduate PLUS Loan Application

    This online electronic application is for graduate professional students who wish to borrow additional funds to assist in financing their student's education. 

    This application must be completed electronically within 60 days of being awarded, or by the priority dates listed on the application. 

Aid Adjustments/Notifications

Loan Borrower Requirements

Processing Agreements

  • Parent PLUS Refund Release Form

    This form should be completed by the parent borrower of a Federal PLUS Loan wanting to change to whom a refund is issued as a result of a PLUS Loan disbursement and subsequent credit balance on the student’s account.

    2021-22 form

    2022-23 form

  • Summer Financial Aid Application

    This form, available during summer registration, should be completed by both undergraduate and graduate students interested in federal student aid for the summer term. All students interested in summer financial aid must also have a valid FAFSA on file at the college and have completed the verification process, if required.

    Summer Aid Application

    For Summer 2023, the deadline is June 30, 2022.

  • Private Educational Loan Processing Agreement Form

    This form is for all students who do not have a Student Aid Report (SAR) on file with Columbia College Chicago and have applied for a Private Educational Loan.

    Deadline: within 21 days of applying for a private loan

  • Third Party Benefit Release Form

    This form is for all students who will be receiving any Third Party Benefit towards their Student Account Balance that requires Columbia College Chicago to certify their enrollment or provide a billing statement.

    Deadline: prior to billing (only needs to be submitted once per academic year)

    2021-22 form

    2022-23 form


Enrollment Forms

  • Duplicate Diploma Request Form

    This form should be completed to request a duplicate diploma (credit card required).

    The fee for a duplicate diploma is $20.00. It takes approximately three weeks. The diploma will be mailed via USPS to the address provided on the request form. International shipments can take 6-8 weeks and vary depending upon the country. Tracking may not be available for international orders.


  • Diploma Mailing Request Form

    This form indicates the mailing address of your diploma, other than your permanent address.

    This form is only to be used for the original copy of the diploma for students that have graduated Summer 2016 and later. Duplicate diplomas, or original diplomas from Spring 2016 and earlier, need to be ordered via the Duplicate Diploma Order Form.


  • Directed Study Cover Sheet

    This form is to be used for undergraduate and graduate study proposals. 

    Directed Studies are learning activities involving student independence within the context of regular guidance and direction from a faculty advisor. Directed Studies are appropriate for students who wish to explore a subject beyond what is possible in regular courses, or for students who wish to engage in a subject or activity not otherwise offered that semester by the college. Directed Studies involve close collaboration with a faculty advisor who assists in development and design of the project, oversees its progress, evaluates the final results, and submits a grade.


  • Disclosure Refusal Form

    This form should be used to block the release of any information regarding your enrollment status or educational history.


  • Enrollment Verification Request

    This form should be used to request verification of attendance at Columbia College Chicago.


  • Independent Project Cover Sheet

    This form is to be used for undergraduate and graduate project proposals. 

    Independent Projects are advanced, student-driven learning experiences involving substantial student independence in project design and project execution. Independent Projects are appropriate for students who wish to explore a subject on their own beyond what is possible in regular courses offered by the College. An independent project must not be equivalent in content to courses offered by the College and should not be used to replace an existing or canceled course. Independent Projects must be approved by a faculty advisor who also evaluates the final results and awards a grade. 


  • Legal Name or Birthdate Update Form
  • First Name Change Request Form

    The form to change your first name in college systems is now on the MyColumbia portal. Click on the "Change My First Name" link under the Profile section on the MyColumbia tab. 

  • Pass/Fail Declaration Form (Undergraduate Students)
    Use this form to declare pass/fail grading in one or more courses. Regular college policy applies. Students may not declare pass/fail in any major or minor courses. A “P” or passing grade does not fulfill major, minor, or pre-requisite requirements where a “C” or better letter grade is required.
  • Social Security Number Update Form

    Use this form to update your Social Security Number or Individual Taxpayer ID Number.


  • Student-Faculty Agreement for Incomplete Grade Form

    This form is used for undergraduate and graduate students.

    The instructor must agree to evaluate the student’s work and replace the Incomplete grade before the end of the following semester. Student-Faculty Agreement for Incomplete Grade specifying work to be completed, and a due date must be signed by both instructor and student and approved by the Department Chair.

  • Undergraduate Research Mentorship Initiative (URMI) Form

    This form is required for inclusion with a completed proposal for an URMI project.

    The URMI gives Columbia's undergraduate students the opportunity to gain real-world experience and learn research and scholarly techniques from practitioners in academic and integrative disciplines. The URMI is open to students who have reached junior standing.


Transfer Student Forms

  • Transfer Request Forms

    Use the Transfer Request Forms to:

    • Pre-Approval for Future Transfer Courses
    • Review of Possible Errors
    • Course Re-Evaluation Request
    • Submit Syllabus Requested
    • Other Transfer Credit Evaluation Questions

    Note: these forms are behind our single sign-on system and require Office 365 credentials.

  • Transient Student Form
    This form may be required by other institutions when enrolling as a nondegree-seeking student in order to transfer courses back to Columbia. Some schools have their own form for this purpose. Please contact the other institution to see if this is needed before submitting.
  • Life Experience Credit Form

    Under special circumstances, a student may be granted up to 16 credit hours in their major for life and work experience.

    In addition to completing the application form, you must pay a non-refundable fee of $100. You can make this payment at the Columbia Central office or you may pay online.


Academic Dates and Deadlines