Tuition and Fees 2022-23

This section allows for a quick scan of all of Columbia’s direct costs. These are fixed costs such as tuition, fees, and on-campus housing for the current year. Student status is calculated by the number of credit hours registered, where full time is 9 credit hours (5 in the summer). Part time is 8 or fewer hours in the fall/spring, and 4 or fewer hours in the summer. 

2022-23 Graduate tuition and fees Costs
Tuition costs See below
Application fee $60
International application fee $100
Fees Full-Time; 9 or more credit hours (flat per-semester) $444
U-Pass fee, per semester (full-time or credit-bearing thesis students only)* $153
Course Auditing fee** $200
Thesis Continuance Course fee*** $500

*Estimated cost for 2022-23; final cost is pending Chicago Transit Authority approval.

**A graduate student may audit an undergraduate course. While tuition will not be charged for the audited course, this fee will be assessed per audited course. 

***A student registers for 0 credit thesis and pays the Thesis Continuance fee when they have reached the allowable number of thesis repeats for 1 credit hour or greater. The allowable number of repeats varies by graduate program.

2022-23 Part-time graduate student fees Cost
6-8 credit hours (flat per-semester) $332
1-5 credit hours (flat per-semester) $179
Graduate Program Cost per Credit Hour

Master of Arts Management (MAM)

Cinema and Television Directing (MFA)

Cinema and Television Producing (MFA)

European Devised Performance Practice (MFA)

Devised Performance Practice (MA)


Fine Arts (MFA)

Photography (MFA)

Music Composition for the Screen (MFA)

Interdisciplinary Arts and Media (MFA)

Interdisciplinary Book and Paper Arts (MFA)

Journalism (MA)


Civic Media (MA)

Creative Writing (MFA)

Entrepreneurship for Creatives (MA)

Interaction Design (MA)

Dance/Movement Therapy and Counseling (MA)

Strategic Communication (MA)

Academic Dates and Deadlines